CBD oil Sleep Aid

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CBD as Sleep Aid

Sleep is closely linked to anxiety and this might be why you are not getting that the full rest you deserve. When we don’t sleep it affects so much in our daily lives our productivity takes a nosedive and not to mention our mood. How we generally feel about what we can accomplish in the limited time we have to get things done. CBD might just be your best sleep aid you have not tried yet.

How can CBD improve our sleep?

Before we dive into this topic it’s best to understand what is causing your sleep deprivation. We are all unique and have different body rhythms some of us are night owls and enjoy the quiet the evenings bring.  But for the rest of us were it critical for us to get a good amount of shuteye and that candid eight hours.

Then it is first best to dive into our article that defines different types of insomnia and how best to tackle these unique situations.

CBD oil is a wonderful sleep aid for several reasons

  1. CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) to create balance and reducing your stress levels can enhance your sleep rhythm.
  2. CBD Oil has great inflammation qualities so if pain or muscle tenderness is affecting your sleep this may reduce inflammation and improve your sleep.
  3. CBD with the interaction with your ECS enhance the sedative qualities of CBD and is great at turning down the volume.

How to take cbd oil as a sleep aid?

  1.  Take your preferred  Viridi Gold CBD 60 Minutes before you turn in.
  2. Play your favourite soothing music.
  3. Set the scene with warm low light comfortable clothing.
  4. A Good Book
  5. Stop with the devices that stimulate your brain and inhibit melatonin release
  6. Did you remember to stretch and soothe aching muscles?