Broad Spectrum with Botanicals

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What is Broad-spectrum CBD oil?
Broadspectrum Oils contains phytocannabinoids terpenes and flavanoids compound found in the cannabis plant. Without THC element

trace amounts of THC might be present but this would be under 0,2% considered the legal limit

Broad-spectrum products differ from  CBD isolate products in that CBD isolate contain just pure CBD without terpenes flavonoids or phytocannabinoids.

Is broadspectrum Right for you?

If you would like all the benefits of the cannabis plant without THC then Broadspectrum would defiantly enhance your CBD wellness journey.

Viridi Gold Broad Spectrum products are further enhanced with botanicals for specific requirements. If you looking for more sleep out Viridi Gold Sleep has been infused with botanicals with sedative properties.

However, if you are looking for upliftment and reducing inflammation then Viridi Gold Balance is definitely worth your money.
How to use broad-spectrum cbd with botanicals

What is your pain point Sleep or Upliftment, we have you covered with both.
For the best effect start off low and slow, think of CBD as an everyday companion. Your dosage can be increased gradually no point in being put off or concerned about how it makes you feel because you took too much the first time.
Measure out your starting dosage and put it underneath your tongue(don’t swallow immediately allow at least 30 seconds before swallowing) this helps with absorption.
 Don’t stress if you don’t feel immediate results CBD has to build up in your body. CBD oil is actually quite subtle in its approach.
Take your dose consistently.
Find your sweet spot by increasing dosage notice the difference and if you were happier at your original dosage just revert back.

For more detail on dosage read our article on finding your optimal dosage of CBD