CBD for Dogs and Cats

CBD for Dogs and Cats

In recent years, the trend of using CBD for dogs and cats has soared in popularity. And for good reason — it’s safe for all animals (including horses). Human research has shown that CBD oil is safe for people. In fact, one study showed that it elevated mood and decreased anxiety when taken. The research for pets is limited, but research involving humans and other animals has shown little to no side effects. 

Giving CBD oil to a dog is simple.

Despite the fact that CBD oil is just as natural and safe for your dog as it is for you, some pets will refuse to take it with their food or treats. The first method is to add the dose of pet oil to their food. This is simple and effective. In fact, with most pets, it will go unnoticed. But for the picky eaters out there, another option is to buy pet oil that tastes good to your dog!

Seizures in Dogs and how CBD helps

Dogs experience seizure disorders more often than you’d think. Although experts point to genetics and toxins as the culprits, in many cases the reason why a dog suffers from seizures will never be uncovered (meaning it must be managed with medication). Many pet owners are turning to CBD oil after veterinarians recommended it.

Happy pets Happy Owners

As pet owners, we want to make sure our animals are happy and comfortable. This is really what CBD is all about. But something very important to keep in mind is how much CBD you give your pet and how much you must tell them. Our pets cannot speak, so it’s up to us to watch for signs that they are not feeling well. CBD that’s taken too much can be stressful to animals who are uneducated.